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When Ideology Conflicts with Morality

"When Ideology Conflicts wtih Morality: The Challenges of Moral Action in Times of Politcal Strife"

Dr. Brunelle will offer insights from her new book, "Murder in The Metro: Laetitia Toureaux in 1930s France," the history of the first murder on the Paris Metro, in 1937. Dr. Brunelle will explore how personal ambition and political ideologies led many "moral" French people to make "immoral" choices before and during the war, and led to French "collective amnesia" after the war, regarding support for Vichy and fascism. How do we reconcile the conflict between "ordinary" moral rules and political "necessity" to achieve a "greater good"? Dr. Brunelle is a professor at CSUF and a prolific author on early modern European history. She was also UUCF President from 2002 -2004.

Date: July 10, 2011
Speaker: Dr. Gayle Brunelle