January, 2017 - September, 2017

UUCF Worship/Music Committee Meeting Minutes
January 11, 2017 at 7:30 pm in the Community Room at UUCF (Temple Beth Tikvah)
Attendees: Rev. Jason Cook, Mary Botts, Catherine Gallaher, and Dale Botts
(1) Guest speaker/music reflection and planning
(a) No new ideas were discussed for guest speakers.
(i) Although, Rev. Jason Cook is taking an active role in monitoring the process and generally expresses helpful ideas.
(ii) Jason discussed the offer from the congregation for which we reserved ourselves as a neutral pulpit on February 19th to provide a lay speaker – indicating that they may not be ready to engage a UU minister on that date.
(2) Children & Youth RE focused Worship Services or presentations, reflection and planning
(a) There are plans for a youth led Worship Service on 4/9/17.
(3) Special Verbal Presentations & Coordinating Jason’s In-Pulpit Sundays
(a) There are plans to figure out how to use the projector for Worship Services.
(b) As we move into a Program size congregation (greater than 150), additional efficiencies may be required for the Worship Services.
(i) The option for writing Joys & Sorrows for the minister or a Worship leader will be implemented.
(ii) It was noted that some attendees are inclined to make announcements during Joys & Sorrows.
(4) Music Reflection and Planning
(a) Jason is continuing to work closely with Eleanor Nunes (our Music Coordinator) to fine tune music during the Worship Services. In addition, per Jason’s coaching, Eleanor has set up her own sub-committee that will provide creative support. Eleanor held a meeting with this sub-committee during the holiday season.
(b) Upon counting the hymnals, we found that we had 90 teal hymnals, which is 25-30 less than we have of the hard bound/grey hymnals. With the increased attendance, 90 teal hymnals are not enough.
(5) The next WMC meeting date agreed to be set for March 8th at 7:30 pm. However, it was canceled by Jason about a month after the January 11th WMC meeting.
Minutes written by Dale
Thoughts about re-energizing meetings for planning Worship Services
(1) Inviting all Worship Associates to the meeting may improve attendance
(2) Having the meeting just after a service may also improve the attendance
(3) Jason & Dale set up the following meeting
(4) Jason said that he will make the agenda
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UUCF Worship Associate Meeting Minutes
March 26, 2017 at 12:00 noon in the Community Room at UUCF (Temple Beth Tikvah)
Attendees: Rev. Jason Cook, Barbara Cutts, Chris Heaton, Mary Rhodes, Thomas Contreras, Ed Tshabrun, Paul Swendson, and Dale Botts
Jason’s goal is to have Worship Associates be involved in planning services, ensuring everything is ready on the morning of the service, and be self sufficient in the set up.
There are sixteen Worship Associates. A follow up meeting was not set up.
Write up by Dale
UUCF Worship – Update
September 23, 2017
It is Dale’s understanding that Rev. Jason Cook will be re-working the process by which the UUCF Worship/Music Committee functions. Until this happens, Dale awaits Jason’s guidance on when to schedule the next committee meeting. Currently, Dale coordinates with Jason and our UUCF Administrator to provide Worship Associate schedules, administrative needs for the Worship Services, and a leadership presence for Sundays when Jason is not in the pulpit.
Write up by Dale