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Annual Budget Drive

Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fullerton
Annual Budget Drive
The Annual Budget Drive runs during the month of April. We are engaged in vital discussions about what we want the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fullerton to be… and what we can do to make that happen.
The Board of Trustees will use the results of the Annual Budget Drive in developing the operating budget for the following church year, and the final version of that budget will be approved by the congregation. 
Yearly Finances Depend on Your Pledges During the
Annual Budget Drive
A message from the Annual Budget Drive 2015 Chair:
I love the Annual Budget Drive.  It creates connections among everyone at UUCF.
Just as music is not "notes" but "relationships between notes", our community is not just the people here but the relationships among us.  The Annual Budget Drive fosters conversations about what is important to us:
  • Why we came to UUCF
  • Why we stay
  • What makes us feel connected here
  • What we value
These conversations create relationships that make our community strong, resilient and valuable.
I know that many of our members dread the budget drive because they don't want to be cornered and pressed to talk about financial matters.  It doesn't have to be that way.
This year we are using a different model asking everyone to feel good about the budget drive and to continue making connections by having a meaningful dialog with the committee.  We are asking everyone to help UUCF "Step Up" to the next level of Stewardship and to set the proper path to finding our new called minister.  Again this year we are having a series of testimonials describing why some of our members pledge and asking everyone to give as much as they possibly can.  For the first time in my 16 years as a member, we are having a sermon delivered by our minister directed at why giving is so important to the health of our congregation.
What a great time to be part of UUCF!  Our congregation is thriving:  Minister!  Music!  Membership! Religious Education!  Social Action!   At UUCF, we know each of these areas is our own wonderful achievement, a jewel, an amazing resource for us and for the community.
Our budget drive makes all this possible.  It's our primary source of program funding.  It's 86% of our total revenue.