Past Sermons

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Why_Anti_Semitism_Matters -- Jon_Dobrer
What Will Future Historians Say -- Paul Swendson
-- James_Ford
-- Drew_Chappell

Lifes_Learnings_and_UnLearnings_during_My_Cancer_Year -- Sharon_Chappell
Is_this_America -- Mathew_Taylor
Allies_or_Advocates -- Betty_Stapleford
-- Lisa_Pedersen

Dismantling Patriarchy -- Tom Owen-Towle

Where Everybody Knows Your Name -- Lee Marie Sanchez

All Who Are Called -- Jason Cook

Fire of Commitment -- Jason Cook/Tera Klein

Coping in Community -- Megan Dowdell

Perpetual Anticipation -- Jason Cook

Good Grief -- Jason Cook

The Future of Feminism -- Jason Cook

A Letter to God -- Jason Cook

There Comes a Time -- Jason Cook

Courting Surpirse -- Jason Cook

The Childlike Imagination -- Jason Cook

Finding Jesus -- Jason Cook

Color me Wise -- Jason Cook

Mysticism and Brokenness -- Summer Albayati

For All that is Our Life -- Jason Cook

Hooray for Love -- Jason Cook

Rejected -- Jason Cook

Healing Ourselves, Healing the World -- Summer Albayati

Let Freedom Ring -- Jason Cook

Lucky Number Eight -- Jason Cook

Finding Hope When Hope is Hard to Find -- Summer Albayati

Bringing Christmas Home -- Jason Cook

Martyrs Fighters and Lovers -- Jason Cook

Letting in the Love -- Jason Cook

Of Ultimate Concern -- Jason Cook

Buddhism Unitarian Universalism and Finding a Life that Matters -- James Ford

Oh We Give Thanks -- Summer Albayati

The Light that Keeps Us Going -- Rica Kaufel

Seed of Hope -- Jason Cook

Things that Go Bump in the Night -- Cook-Albayati

Art & Faith: An Intersection of Possibility -- Jason Cook

Moments of Transcendence -- Cook-Albayati

The Twists of Time -- Jason Cook

Mike Mahaffey Memorial Service

Life Calls Us On -- Jason Cook

Full Circle, Full Heart -- Jason Cook (with Summer Albayati Krikeche Tetouani)

Oceans of Our Hearts -- Jason Cook

Rev. Jason Cook's UUCF Installation Ceremony

Gather at the River - Water Communion (partial) -- Jason Cook

Greetings Madame President -- Jason Cook

Soul -- Jason Cook

Medio Gringo A Latino Perspective on UU Diversity -- Lawrence Ingalls

An Arresting Development -- Lee Marie Sanchez

The Art of Prophecy/The Prophecy of Art (partial) -- Richard Ruppel

I Owe God a Death -- Owen-Towle

Pressing on When Things Aren't Going Your Way -- Paul Swendson

Searching for Character in Troubled Times -- Jon Dobrer

Pilgrimage -- Michael Eselun

Healing Connections -- Mary Velicki

Celebrating The Summer Solstice -- R. Hamre, J. BloomRamirez

Life is a Riddle and a Mystery -- Jason Cook

Dangerous Flowers -- Jason Cook

Alone Together -- Jason Cook

To Be Human -- Jason Cook

Our Work on this Planet -- Jonathan Klein

UU- Is it Religious Pluralism? or just Loosy Goosy -- Anne Hines

For The Beauty Of The Earth -- Al Danzig, Jason Cook

A Theology of Abundance -- Jason Cook

Loving In Color -- Jason Cook

The Grateful Science Of Mindfulness -- Jason Cook

The Problem Of Evil -- Jason Cook

The New Universalism -- Jason Cook

The Wisdom of Failure - Meditations on Utopia -- Jason Cook

Not My Neighbor -- Jason Cook

Seasons of Covenant -- Jason Cook

The Great Migration -- Jason Cook

Re-dedication -- Jason Cook

The Cure For Holiday-itis -- Jason Cook

The Challenge Of Connection -- Jason Cook

What Thanksgiving Is Really About- Perspective of Sanatana Dharma -- Acharya Mahadev-ji

Trusting Conscience -- Jason Cook

Waiting For The Flood -- Jason Cook

Mission and Mystery (and Notions of God) -- Jason Cook

One Family's Choice against Genocide -- Carl Wilkens

The Courage of Conviction -- Jason Cook

Why Do Black Lives Matter to UUs -- Betty Stapleford

Water Communion -- Jason_Cook

(missing 1st few seconds)Grandma's Hope Jar -- Jason Cook

Facing Giants -- Darrell McGowan

The Sharps Defying the Nazis -- James Grant

Question Box-Ask Me Anything -- Stephen Furrer

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah: Julia Ward Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation -- Jason Cook

The Common Good: What's In It For Me? -- Stephen Furrer

The Meaning of Passover -- Stephen Furrer

Watershed Consciousness -- Stephen Furrer

Sermon on the Amount -- Stephen Furrer

The Deeper Affirmation of Yes -- Stephen Furrer

Casa de Cambio -- Stephen Furrer

Refugees Stories and Challenges, Yesterday and Today -- Monica Brasov-Curca

Faith -- Stephen Furrer

President's Day (Examples of Leadership) -- Stephen Furrer

Farpotschket -- Stephen Furrer

Civil Rights, A Personal Odyssey -- Joseph Jackson Jr

Lessons Of The Past And Black History Month In The Age Of Obama -- Erica L Ball

The Christmas Story -- Stephen Furrer

What's So Funny? -- Stephen Furrer

America's First Thanksgiving -- Stephen Furrer

The Spiritual Practice of Coming Alongside -- Seanan Holland

Longings of the Heart; Queries of the Mind -- Stephen Furrer

Receptivity -- Stephen Furrer

The Age of Atheists -- Stephen Furrer

Keeping the Harmony of the World Around Us -- Mahadevji-Acharya

The Spiritual Legacy of Christopher Columbus -- Stephen Furrer

The Fellowship Movement -- Stephen Furrer

You Don't Hear What I Hear -- Jennifer Myers

The Value of Ritual -- Stephen Furrer

Four Components of a Healthy Church -- Stephen Furrer

Water Communion -- Stephen Furrer

Sources -- Stephen Furrer

The Art and Practice of Ministry -- Stephen Furrer

The Five Tasks of Interim Ministry -- Stephen Furrer

Being Religious About Being Spiritual -- Darrell McGowan

Making a Difference Through Film -- Natalie Costa

Meditation Misunderstood: Just Be Yourself -- Marilyn Moore

The Mentally Ill Patient's Family -- Amanda LaPera

Are You Listening?... Are You Really Listening? -- Kay Lindahl

The Founding Fathers: Christians, Deists, or Atheists? -- Paul Swendson