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Let's Get Social

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Before the pandemic, we filled our calendars with UUCF gatherings where we could strengthen our friendships and build new ones. Now that we can meet in person again, we are reviving programs and creating new ways to connect and socialize.

Let’s Get Social! is a new program that will feature events hosted by our members. You might choose a dinner, brunch, game night, movie night – any activity that you and other UUs would enjoy. It might be a family event, adults only or whatever age range works with your theme.

As a host, you’ll decide what food and drink you’ll provide and what items you’d like your guests to contribute. Guests who aren’t bringing something will make a donation to UUCF. You might prefer to ‘do it all yourself’ and every guest will make a donation. You might host a small gathering where every guest will bring something. Most events will include a combination – some guests will bring food or drink and others will donate to UUCF. I’ll work with each host to set a date and time and plan these details.

As an example, Cathy Boom will be hosting a Bubbles & Brunch event on Sunday, April 16th. She is inviting 9 guests (adults only for this one). She will provide a yummy breakfast casserole, orange juice, and champagne. Five guests may sign-up to bring: a fruit salad, a green salad, 1 dozen bagels, 1 dozen muffins, or a sweet treat. Four guests may sign-up to donate $20 to UUCF. Sign-ups are one guest – one donation. If a couple want to come for brunch, that would be two guests – two donations. They might choose to bring two food items, or to donate $20 each ($40 total) to UUCF, or to bring one food item and donate $20. A family event could also be offered with one donation per family.


At this point you might be wondering - when will I sign-up for all this fun and fellowship? At a Kickoff party, of course! Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 4th, at 5 pm. We’ll gather in the Fellowship Hall for dinner and event sign-ups. The kickoff is a family event – all ages are welcome. A $10 door donation is requested for anyone 16 and older. Scholarship is available, if needed – please contact myself or Reverend Jason (when he’s back from his study leave). Door donations will be used for dinner and other supplies. Any excess donations will be given to UUCF. Dinner will include: rotisserie chicken, vegan-friendly rice pilaf, vegan chickpea curry, salads, and sweets. Event sign-ups will start at 5:30 pm (ish). Signups are first-come, first-served so BE ON TIME or you might miss out!

Some of you may remember the ‘Be Our Guest’ program that was featured at several recent Service Auctions. We’re going to continue that program at this event with a 50/50 raffle. 50% of ticket sales will be awarded as raffle prizes. 50% will be used to reserve seats at Let’s Get Social events so we can invite newcomers and other deserving folks to party with us and get better acquainted.

Here’s the timeline:

• Now through February 12 th, volunteer to host an event! Use this Let's Get Social Donation Form. Or see me during Social Hour. Or contact me via email. I’ll work with you to finalize details such as: date and time, number of guests, what you’ll provide, what guests will bring, etc.

• On Sunday, February 19th or Sunday, the 26th, you may pre-pay your door donation to save time on Kickoff night.

• On Thursday, February 23 rd (give or take), an event catalog and calendar will be published in an email. These will help you choose which events you’d like to attend and what donation option you’d prefer. A few printed copies of the catalog and calendar will be available on Sunday, February 26th, for folks who don’t get our emails.

• And once again, on Saturday, March 4th, at 5 pm, in the Fellowship Hall is our Kickoff Dinner with Event Sign-ups.


Cathy Boon will be available on Sundays or by email to answer any questions you might have or if you’d like to volunteer to help.

Let’s Get Social!

Let's Get Social Google Form: 


For additional information, please contact Cathy Boon.

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