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Past Sermons


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Answering the Call of Love--Rev. Jason Cook06-19-16

Reflections on Fullerton--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer06-19-16

Chinese Religion and Culture--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer06-12-16

The Common Good-What's in it for Me--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer05-01-16

Watershed Consciousness--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer04-17-16


Sermon on the Amount--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer04-03-16

The Deeper Affirmation of yes -- Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer03-27-16

Casa de Cambio--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer03-20-16

On Friendship--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer03-06-16

Faith--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer02-28-16


George Washington: The Che Guevara of Fairfax County, Virginia

--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer02-21-16

Farpotschket--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer02-14-16

Have We a Dream, Too?--Rev. Stephen Furrer01-17-16

The Heart of Christmas--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer12-13-15


Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of Which We Are a Part

--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer12-06-15


The Goal of World Community with Peace, Liberty, and Justice for All

--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer11-22-15


The Right of Conscience and the Use of the Democratic Process

--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer11-15-15

A Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer11-08-15


Acceptance of One Another & Encouragement to Spiritual Growth in Our Congregations

-- Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer11-01-15

Justice, Equity & Compassion in Human Relations--Rev. Stephen Furrer10-18-15

The Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person--Rev. Stephen Furrer10-04-15

Identity and Engagement--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer09-20-15

Water as Symbol--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer09-13-15


Ten Suggestions for Completely Ruining a Worship Service

--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer09-06-15

Heartsick for Country--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer08-09-15

Revelation Is Not Sealed--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer08-02-15

Parables of Zen--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer06-14-15

Faith and Families--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer06-07-15

A Garden of Human Creativity--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer05-31-15

Healing Touches and Songs--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer05-10-15

Mandala Making--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer05-03-15

By What Authority--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer04-19-15

Paying for Excellence--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer04-12-15

The True Resurrection--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer04-05-15

To Spring, To Leap, To Jump Over Lightly--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer03-29-15

Leap of Faith--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer03-15-15

Hurry Up, Please.  It's Time--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer03-08-15

Four Yogas, Four Ministries, One Church--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer03-01-15

The Kissing Bandit--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer02-15-15

Racism and Its Effects--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer02-08-15

Breakthrough--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer01-25-15

From Hopelessness to Hope--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer01-11-15

The UUCF Story Part II--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer01-04-15

From Callithumpians to Pajama-Clad Tykes--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer12-14-14

What's So Funny?--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer12-07-14

The Story of America's First Thanksgiving--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer11-23-14

Longings of the Heart, Queries of the Mind--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer11-09-14

Receptivity--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer11-02-14

Varieties of Atheistic Experience--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer10-26-14

The Spiritual Legacy of Christopher Columbus--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer10-12-14

The Fellowship Movement--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer10-05-14

Four_Components_of_a_Healthy_Church--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer09-14-14

Water_Communion--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer09-07-14

Sources--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer08-31-14

The_Art_and_Practice_of_Ministry--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer08-24-14

The_Five_Tasks_of_Interim_Ministry--Rev. Dr. Stephen Furrer08-07-14

The_Where_of_Who_We_Are_-Does_Place_Really_Matter_Anymore--Michael Steiner07-27-08

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