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Childcare (Infant –Age 2)


Our childcare program provides loving care and supervised activity for the youngest members of our church. Our goal is to provide a warm and nurturing environment where trust naturally grows, helping children to become comfortable and happy with their first association with the church. Simple toys, picture books, and music are part of their environment. Parents may remain with their child as long as needed for the child to become comfortable with the caregivers and surroundings.


School Age Program


We welcome children into our program by introducing them to the basic traditions and symbols of Unitarian Universalism. Each week they are given the opportunity to light a chalice, share their feelings, and engage in crafts and activities designed to help them understand Unitarian Universalism.


This year, the children and youth of UUCF R.E. will be participating in discussions, games, songs, stories, and activities centered on monthly themes. 

These themes and suggested activities are provided by the Soul Matters Sharing Circle, a network of Unitarian Universalist congregations who follow the same monthly themes, providing a spiritual connection to UU Communities across the U.S. 


Middle School (Grades 7-8)


As Middle School youth, our 7th and 8th graders begin their own search for understanding by exploring some of life’s “Big Questions.” While they follow the monthly themes, their individual interests shine through with monthly group outings and service projects.


Youth Program (Grades 9-12)


High school youth are offered a balanced program to support them in their continued personal growth and religious exploration. The five components of the program include worship, community building, social action, learning and leadership.


The youth program is an exciting time for young, energetic teens looking for help, advice, encouragement, and community. It is a safe place to explore ideas and have support within a community! Youth enjoy outings, crafts, discussions, and activities that help them understand discussion topics and aid them in exploring their hopes for the future.


Our Whole Lives


Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality Education course for grades 7-9 starting at UUCF in February. This program nurtures and supports the "three Rs" of childhood sexuality education--respect, relationships, and responsibility--by helping children gain self-respect and respect for others, build relationships with people of all genders and with many kinds of families, and understand their responsibilities regarding their own health and that of others. Click her for more information.




Religious Education Philosophy


Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fullerton (UUCF)! We are delighted to have you and your children join us. We have a full program of religious education classes for children from age three to high school, as well as childcare for infants and toddlers under the age of three.


Our Religious Education program promotes a safe space where children can ask the big questions, where they are never told just to believe, where imagination, curiosity, and wonder are encouraged and the input of children and youth is valued. The goals of religious education at UUCF are to provide children and youth with a Unitarian Universalist foundation and to give them the tools to determine for themselves what it is they find to be true in their life and in the world around them.


Our Religious Education program uses a combination of curriculum, children’s worship, intergenerational services, community events, holiday observances, and social action.


Families come to Unitarian Universalism after thoughtful search for spiritual practices and to find a belief system that matches their life experiences. We are excited to share these experiences with you and your children.


The Director of Religious Education will be happy to answer any of your questions.




Religious Education Staff


Religious Education Coordinator: Megan Watson 


Teacher - Preschool & Childcare: Kami Henderson


Teacher - Preschool & Childcare: Sarah White


Religious Education Committee


Rebecca Ricketts

Christina Garner

Carter Rakovski

ex officio:

Rebecca Deuel-Gallegos

Megan Watson

Sarah Whittenberg


UUCF Board Liason: 

Rebecca Deuel-Gallegos


Message from the Minister


At UUCF, religious education isn’t just a thing we do on Sunday mornings—it’s a way of being in the world. Understanding who we are, exploring our values, wrestling with ethical dilemmas, and seeing ourselves within the context of a caring faith community builds us into better human beings. Our RE program is designed so that people of all ages have opportunities to explore truth and meaning in an often confusing world.

Every Sunday, our program begins during the service with our Time for All Ages segment where the children are called to the front of the sanctuary. As a community, we learn together during this time, after which the children and teens separate into classes for age-appropriate instruction. These classes are designed to meet a variety of learning styles, and may incorporate social justice and community service activities, conversations on ethics, world religion discussions, or creating art to share with the congregation. Each activity is designed to come back to the question of what it means to be a caring, thoughtful, accountable member of the larger community.


I am very proud of our Religious Education program which I know will continue to grow and flourish. In today’s world, our children have a deep need for both rationally and spiritually oriented religious education. I invite your family to become involved in all our program has to offer.


In hope and faith,

Rev. Jason Cook


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