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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Sunday service

What do people wear to the services?

Casual dress is appropriate. Children can come in play clothes. There is no formal dress code.


What time does the service start?

The service starts at 11:15 AM. Plan to arrive by 11:00 AM.


How long does the service last?

Our service lasts for about an hour.


Is there a program for children?

We have a religious education program for children pre-school through high school. There are approximately 30 children currently enrolled in the program. All of our teachers are background checked.  Check out our Youth Religious Education Curriculum.  Learn about our Philosophy of Religious Education.


What about younger children?

Child care is available for younger children.


Is your building handicapped accessible?

Yes. We are completely accessible and also provide listening devices for those who need them.


Will I have an opportunity to get to know people when I visit?

Yes. We gather for coffee, snacks, and conversation prior to our service at 10:45am. Check in early so we can get to know you.


Are visitors welcome to all the services?

Yes, visitors are always welcome, not only to our services, but to all the activities we sponsor.


Questions about our congregation


How long has the UU Congregation in Fullerton been in existence?

We were established in 1967.


How big is the congregation?

We are a church with about 200 members and another 50 friends. There are approximately 70 people in attendance every Sunday.


Where are you located?

We meet in downtown Fullerton.  We rent our space from First Christian Church and our address is 109 E. Wilshire Ave. in Fullerton.  Contact Us for more information. 


What are the ages of the members of your congregation?

Our congregation is intergenerational. Some of our founding members are still with us and we currently have 30 children enrolled in our Religious Education program.


Were most of your members raised as
Unitarian Universalists?

No. Most of us were not born into the
faith but have come to it from other
traditions or from no organized religion at all.


If I want to become involved with your congregation,
what do I have to believe?

We base our faith on our Eight Principles which we agree to, affirm, and promote. We believe we have a duty to live our lives with integrity. The question is "What must we all do, working together, to make this present world a better place?"  We are non-creedal. 


I'm an atheist. Will I find other like minded people in your congregation?

Yes. We welcome people of all beliefs and those with no beliefs. We have a number of secular humanists, agnostics, and atheists in our congregation.


Is your congregation involved in any charitable work?

Our congregation is committed to social justice and is involved in numerous projects in our community. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to help make the world a better place for everyone. Our Social Action Committee is open to everyone who wants to be involved.


Questions about the religious education
program for children, youth, and teens


How many children are enrolled in the religious education program?

We have approximately 30 children currently enrolled in our program. Around 15 children attend each week.


When do the religious education classes meet?

The children, youth and teens attend the first part of our service every Sunday and then they are dismissed to their classes.


What do you teach your children about religion?

Through our Religious Education program, we guide our children and help them face the dilemmas and choices of their everyday lives. We teach them about all the great faiths of the world, about social justice, about the wonder of the natural world and our responsibility to it.  View our Curriculum.  Read about our Philosophy of Religious Education. 



Questions about governance


Is your congregation part of a larger organization?

The UU Congregation in Fullerton is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. (UUA)


Does the UUA govern your congregation?

No. Like all UU Congregations, we are governed locally by a board elected by the members of our congregation. We are a democratic organization.


For more questions

Call the church office at 714-871-7150


click CONTACT to email your question.

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