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This pledge drive we are dedicated to growing stronger together as a community. With your financial support, we can fund our religious education program so our children witness UUCF as a place for growing stronger in their hearts and minds. With your support, we can fund fair compensation for our staff members so we can witness both our in-person and online ministries growing stronger. And with your support, we can expand our worship and programming offerings so we witness our presence in downtown Fullerton growing stronger. Growing stronger doesn't just happen; it's a choice--and we hope that you will make the choice to generously support UUCF growing stronger. The stronger we are, the more positive change we offer our world.


In appreciation,

Rev. Jason Cook

"A society grows great when old men plant trees under whose shade they know they’ll never sit."

This is one of my favorite quotes, and it’s morphed and been misappropriated for centuries. The wisdom of the words, however, remains unwavering. 

I’m so proud to be a member – and a leader – of this community. We are in a much more stable place than we have been for the last few years! We have settled into our new home, we have new staff coming on board, and the opportunities for membership engagement have skyrocketed. The members who have stepped up to support our growth are genuinely inspirational.

But what responsibility do we, as the UUCF congregation of 2023, have to the congregation 25 years from now? What staffing and programming can we incorporate here and now to ensure a solid future for the young people who are entrusted to us? Will our society indeed grow great by planting trees that will never personally benefit us? I believe that we can only be proud of the work we do, here and now, if it provides for the needs of the future – and that living, breathing future is indeed here and now, and asking for our support.

Our theme for this year’s stewardship campaign is “Growing Stronger,” and features the shade tree planted by the elders, so that the young can thrive. I ask that each of you make a commitment to growing our community. Stronger. Together.  Giving of yourself, whether via your time, talent, or treasure. Together, we can plant
a tree to give shade to generations to come.

Yours in service,
Sarah Whittenberg President,
UUCF Board of Trustees

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