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UUCF adopted this Covenant of Good Relations  by a unanimous congregational vote.
This statement represents our commitment to building a healthy, safe community.

Each member of the congregation, Board of Trustees, clergy and paid staff will live within this Covenant of Good Relations in the context of their relationship with one another and the church community.  The well-being, strength, and reputation of our church depend on a sense of fellowship which thrives in an atmosphere of trust, respect, and cooperation.


In my interactions with others I will:

  • Be receptive, listening with care and compassion.

  • Be truthful, speaking with care and compassion.

  • Speak directly to any person(s) with whom I have a concern.

  • Be respectful of personal boundaries.

  • Expect that there will be differences among us and accept and care for one another despite those differences.

  • Be committed to the group as a whole, honoring our connection with the Unitarian Universalist tradition.

  • Engage with gentleness and respect when times are uncertain and do my part to sustain this covenant.

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