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What is Scrip?


Scrip is a Latin Term that means anything used as cash…

In our case, Gift cards and certificates.


You Purchase Scrip from UUCF at Face Value

  • You order $100 in Gift Cards

  • You pay $100 for the cards

  • You receive $100 in card value

  • No Tax – No Shipping – No Expiration


How does that work?

  • UnitedScrip buys gift cards/certificates in bulk at a discount from national retailers.

  • UUCF buys the gift cards/certificates from UnitedScrip at a savings of 1.5%-21% (depending on what the retailer allows).


  • You choose from hundreds of retailers.


Do you buy gas and groceries every month?

By purchasing scrip for $50 a week in gas and $100 a week in groceries, you can put $240.00 toward UUCF just by paying for those two items with scrip instead of using cash, your debit/credit card or a check.


How do You Order?

  • Fill out the order form at the UUCF Scrip table on Sunday, OR order online at

  • Be sure to bring your check to the Scrip table. All orders must be pre-paid.

  • Your order will be ready and waiting for you at UUCF for pick up the next Sunday.

  • You may pay directly to UnitedScrip using your bank checking account and have your gift cards/certificates mailed directly to             you. Click on the Scrip Instructions button below

  • Then use the scrip to shop for your everyday things.


If you have any questions, please contact Mary Botts (see the directory)

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